Lacking Leadership Engagement in your Fundraising?

This is sadly the case for many charitable organisations, resulting in limited or misguided investment in fundraising, perpetuating a wariness of fundraising when results are not as expected. It can also mean that support from other departments is limited, as the standard for internal communication comes from the top. If Directors aren’t talking to each other and non-Fundraising senior staff do not understand the importance of fundraising, then your potential to succeed will be severely hampered. All of us at Money Tree have experienced good and bad leadership in the sector and learnt valuable lessons. It can be tough in a non-fundraising organisational culture, but we can work with you to integrate and demonstrate the value of committed organisational fundraising. We can help you overcome this major obstacle by: • Providing a fundraising audit to assess your strengths and weaknesses and highlight areas of opportunity • Working alongside you during a period of consultancy to recommend a fundraising strategy that works for your charity, including workplans and recommendations on resourcing • Coaching fundraisers and leaders on strategic fundraising, major donor fundraising, trust fundraising and fundraising management • Running a workshop for leaders within your charity to explain fundraising methods and the role they can play in ensuring success Do not suffer in silence! The fastest way to grow your income is to get senior leaders in your charity to understand and engage in fundraising. Speak to us to help you make this shift in your...

Hiring the right fundraiser for the job

When we hire a fundraiser we are responsible for choosing the person who will succeed for us. We can’t afford to benchmark against the candidates who turn up for interview, we must know the benchmarks already so that we know what success looks like before it walks through the door and introduces itself.

Why we won’t work on commission

We do not work on a commission basis. Nor will we work on a no-win-no-fee basis. There are lots of reasons for that – it is frowned upon by our sector body, it offers temptation for poor practice, it exploits the weak, it misunderstands the fundamental team effort that is fundraising.